Sunday, May 14, 2006


A friend, who has now found love again,
was expounding on what he felt at Sakin'el
and our wedding -- inspiriation to be open again.

I offered how important 'respect' was to a relationship,
he was much taken -- even to musing that
the prophetic words should be,
"respect they neighbor as thyself."

So I wrote this at sunrise ...

Look Again Fondly

“As a child,” it is said – or Given –

“With nothing but innocence – follow,”
we are guided by Word and Light.

“Have done to thee as the least of men,”
is the song of the yearning soul.

So I must return – turn again …
I must remember – join once more …
I must respect – look back and again …
and for this I need you,
my love.

Your eyes can see what I cannot,
and hear the cries of passions lost,
and share with me a touch of awe –
again and again,
I will look again

Let me be a mirror of soulful mirth,
a shield against the trembling Light,
a shoulder on which you can stand –
again and again;
please look again
with kindness.

Each by each and in cleaved embrace,
we may know in twain what one might hide
from self and life and fearsome child –
again and again;
most fondly again,
re-spect with me.


At 4:19 AM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

Respect is grand.


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