Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tree Branches


There is not a man who does not feel a stirring of the heart at the hint of the first Spring blossoms taking a risky glimpse at a New World. Is it a kinship with a sense of awe lost with innocence long ago? Some primordial yearning for a time when work was more directly connected with hands, and dirt and wood? Perhaps a feeling of renewal and strength drawn from yet barren forks into a dream of honeyed garlands and precious fruit? Or is it that we have a special link to the trees, one that we need not understand.

Science has revealed that a tree can unzip the magic double helix of human DNA, and that a man can live alone on the fruit and barks and giving of a variety of trees. Religions draw from trees in symbol and in purpose; an olive branch or a structured tree on a barren hill. Others draw strength from the connected roots and life giving elements from earth to heaven. Entire philosophies are based on the eternal cycling of the trees and equate all life to Rebirth, Nurturing, Harvesting and Rest periods. Whether there is truth in none of these, or in all, explore for yourself. Hug a tree! Embrace the texture, vibrancy, scent and strength. You will discover that this simple act will allow you to hug another person more profoundly.

Unfortunately for our personal growth and internal peace, we tend to forget the lessons of the trees. When confronted with a life branch before us, a choice of commitment, integrity or purpose; we choose a path and then spend all of our time justifying that decision. Each day brings us new choices, and each year a chance for renewal. Our life decisions may need pruning or grafting. The very soil in which we have planted out roots may have to be tilled, nurtured or the field abandoned. Each branch and fork in every tree provides the key to all tranquillity. Time proceeds one addition at a time, each segment in exact mathematical proportion to the one from the proceeding year. All of mans’ attempts to control his environment and stand up to forces of God and Nature cannot forestall this imperative.

The tiny twigs swirling in the ripples of the pool are but a minuscule tree branching into the depths a myth and outward to the mysteries of the heavens. If you view this covenant as an oppression of your spirit it will destroy you! If you view the gift of free will as an obligation or requirement to be restrained by choices, you will never be at peace. If you can live each day in gratitude that a choice was possible, and pass the branch like a baton to another, then you will embrace love and fellowship with the essence of man.


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