Sunday, November 06, 2005

Empty House

Where are the kids who would stay,
and parents who would let them?

Playhouse at Sakin'el -- will sleep six kids


At 4:24 PM, Blogger Lois said...

This is how our world has changed Faucon
We no longer in many ways allow our children
The freedom of adventure
Perhaps it is a fear of their making
I have known that freedom,my children had wobnderful adventures
camping,canoeing tree houses and as we call them in Australia Cubby Houses
Where they wrote on paper nailed to the walls,wrote who their boyrfriends were and experienced their first adholescent kiss
And rolled their own cigarettes with tobacco and cig papers
This was a place for sharing of secrets ,this was a childs version of what adults practised,
when they whispered behind closed doors
As children they need to experience taking these small risks and learning along the way that responsibility for ones actions will and should take place take place at an early age.
One tries to always be the best parent but must always remember the child in us as well...

I was a very lucky small girl when my Father Bert (A Boilermaker) made us a cubby in the old pear tree complete with steel ladder which when one missed a footing broken skin on shins was the outcome,many kids in my street sported these scars proudly for we were the only house to have a tree house cubby
In those days all made from gathered material from the local tip (No worries about germs or the like Faucon) we were immune to infection I thinkbecause the soil in this area was contaminated because it was the biggest shipping port in Victoria Australia.....Oh those were the days......
Will they come again,or are we to see not children at play but children in front of a square screen......?
My chilhood was blessed,and only in old age I realise this to be through the writers group with Madame le Enchanteur.
Lois (muse of the sea)

At 3:51 AM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

I see some houses in backyard creeping back into children's lives. We had great cubby houses, though not in trees. It was so much fun. Looks like they might be making a comeback.


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