Thursday, September 15, 2005

Spring or Fall??

The Fall of Spring

See there a carpet of golden snow,
gifted by trees instead of clouds,
but tears of joy for all of that.

It makes no diff'rence in perception
when revealed in pre-dawn whispers,
for barren earth is masked the same.

The Mother calls to these simple gifts
to cycle anew both Spring and spring,
though we may never see this child.

Yet both hide not just the simple dirt,
but the sun as well as is their right,
though we're trained to see only pain.

We curse the snow for want of warmth,
and swear at leaves for work defined,
while denying our own mortality.

Soon you too will fall from life's tree
to enrich the dark loam in turn,
and release the bit of sea in thee.

But there is a diff'rence, as you know,
that some spark within proceeds the sun,
and will return home and birth again.

So why wait on grim finality
to embrace the bright gift within,
when you can dance in the leaves today
or roll angels in the snow,
or sing up the sun,not bound by form at all.

papa faucon


At 6:27 AM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

I guess when you ask that question, the answer must be both. Spring and Autumn are happening simultaneously, but in different spaces. Same could be said of life maybe? I loved these words and as always they provoke new thoughts.


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