Tuesday, September 06, 2005

This busy morning: The Donkeys' Secretary

Today we have so much to do
Today we must say goodbye
to this haven where we've found such comfort
an airy stable
an old friend or two
a place to drink beside a flowing stream
and memories of people we have met

We thank you, Mistress of the Manor
for all of this and for your help today in gathering harness
finding misplaced wings
and that fine smith who made our secretary's cart

We are uncertain
no one has given us a map
so we must find the path
or get directions from the tower where the administrator
sits in splendid isolation
(Or is she too busy handing out new instructions to notice that we are about to
sing our farewell song?)

We have our side bags packed
and stand in line
ready for the word.

The Secretary tunes her magic pad
"Leave" says the message
so we move outside the gate
behind the cart.
Eleven small donkeys, one old lady,
and a very large boat that seems to float
above us. (The boat is for the dolphins for whom
we could not wait. We keep hoping that
they will wait for us when we reach the ocean's edge. You will remember
we left our Gillian with them.)

The Secretary finds the message fading so must press the button quickly.
Please leave any further signals at the Tower. We will try to tune in as we
reach the next stable. Signed: The Donkeys Union Members.


At 8:33 PM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

Fran this is a masterpiece in images and journeying. I love what you have done with the ceremony and wish you well on your continuing journey. Follow the song in your heart that sings as true as any I have heard, follow the heart and you will always find your way. Many watch over your path...onward and upward with your fine quest.


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