Monday, November 13, 2006

The Path Well Trodden

That's me walking down a well trodden path... a path that brings us within. This is a path that one must walk alone... with death waiting at the end of it. What is beyond death I cannot see from here, but I can see enough to give me the courage to continue walking... at least for now... I continue walking because in walking I put a part of myself back into life... in walking I hope to show someone that a path exist beyond the limits of our sight.

This path can only be seen with the vision one's spirit... a vision that is born out of a desire for clarity. It is a path that leads within... towards the heart. It is a path beyond the sight of our eyes... a path that is audible only to the ears of our hearts. It is a path that quakes to the alternating beats of love and fear. It is a split in reality that reveals the possibilities beyond. It is also a split that epitomizes the fine border between the genius and the insane. Both stands out for they are genuine, but only one of them is productive and persuasive.

The other is lost in a separate universe of his own construct... a world that is just as real, only isolated. The rest who are neither genius nor insane are… well… simply sane. Our world is full of sane people, living in their own world but no longer aware of it, for they now wear the uniform of conformity, put on a tie of restraint and hide their emotions behind the mask of diplomacy. These are the ones who belong... to a shared vision... of relentless growth... driven by the rules of economics and politics…

The further I go, the more isolated I am from reality as I used to know it. The path within starts out wide and bright but soon becomes narrow and chaotic, leading me into darkness. It was in this darkness that I came face to face with my fears. I wanted to run away... to wake up from this dark dream, but the only way out of the darkness was to go through it...

It was during theses hours of desperation that I finally turned toward the light and love within and realize that no matter how dark and depressing it is around me, I have within me sparks of light that hold the potential to start a great many fires of passion.

I found myself laughing like a lunatic and out of my laughter echoes of light are born, cutting through the cold darkness that has been enveloping me. A fiery fire of passion emerges, giving the forest a golden luster that glows through the blanket of darkness. Shadows appear in various shades, dancing around me like a million daggers.

I am again besieged with fear. Rejection hugs me in its bosoms, suffocating me. The light was illuminating the forest, bringing out the shadows of those who have been lurking by the peripherals. They turn away from the light for their eyes are so accustomed to the darkness. Their shadows fall in front of them and they become aware of aware of the darkness that have been surrounding them.

There is a moment of clarity. The fear that is hugging me is no longer the same fear. This time I recognize that it is not my fear. The love and light shines forth with a greater intensity than before. The bodies of the trees are scorched and burnt by the heat... but with their return to ashes, their leaves are released from bondage… free… rising into the sky like feathers of a heavenly phoenix.

Love, Light & Laughter!
(c) 2006, Forest Spirit (a.k.a. Alex Chua ;-)
Forest Spirit


At 2:53 AM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

Powerful, honest and real. Great to have this post at the Hermitage.

At 8:24 AM, Blogger Vi Jones said...

There is a powerful message in your words. Thank you for sharing them.



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