Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Bus Station

I havn't posted is a while but Thrusday night we went to the bus station to pick up my daughter
and I had the chance to people watch of a couple of hours since the bus was late. it inspired the following poem.
Im not real sure where to post at this point but I hope this is the right place

The Bus Stop

where are they going
where have they been
what's their story
from bus to bus they go
their stories left untold
their secrets kept within
they travel for good and bad
they are out to explore the world
meet a loved one
say goodby
what are they doing
where are they going
their stories ,left untold
left to wonder by all who watch
they travel alone
in pairs
in groups
but they travel
stories untold
secrets kept within
who are they meeting
what are they doing
is it a secret
or just a journey of the soul
will they tell if you ask
will they share their life with a stranger in a bus stop
stories untold
secrets unknown
life goes on
the bus goes on


At 4:43 AM, Blogger Lois said...

I always think it more interesting to sit and watch people whether on a bus tram or train getting on and off ...much more so than driving in a car.....
This lunch time I waited in the lounge room of a large busy hospital waiting for my cousin to visit her partner ,leaving them to chat in private I could not but notice most of those visiting came in a happy mood but left with long sad faces in a lot of instances.
Seeing someone is not the same as talking on the phone often can be a shock...
I like you wonder what they have witnessed,how they are coping after visiting a loved one and what they are thinking...

Lois(Muse of the Sea) 5.11.06

At 3:33 PM, Blogger The Gate Keeper said...

I love to people-watch-- great fodder for stories and poems--like this one.


At 6:15 PM, Blogger Heather Blakey said...

Reminds me of sitting watching, like the Greeks themselves, in small harbour villages on the Pelponese.

"The Greek habit of sitting, watching the world go by for long periods of time is infectious. Since arriving on the Greek mainland we have enjoyed the leisurely pace and have sat, for extended periods, in the road side cafe's watching the Greeks watching us, watching the things that they are watching. Today as we ate breakfast in the old port of Golitho a woman sat on her box cutting up slabs of fresh octopus. Having seen the fresh catch arrive it will be fish on the menu tonight. Meanwhile an old man who had been walking the town square, crying out in unintelligible Greek was there again this morning. I suspect he was trying to sell lotto tickets but that is a wild guess. From our harbourside seat the town of Golitho seems to perch precariously on the slope. The jumble of buildings looks attractive - a bit like Amalfi or a Sicilian port. But it doesn't pay to look too closely because half of the buildings are falling apart - are in fact derelict."
From European Journal - Heather Blakey 2001

At 8:09 AM, Blogger Vi Jones said...

My favorite places for people watching are Starbuck's coffee houses or, better yet, at bookstore snack bars. Such interesting folk visit and one wonders about them... who they are and what their purpose is in life? Some read as they sip their beverage, some work on laptops, others chat in small but happy groups, some sit singly, quietly and alone. Then there are others like me who watch and make up mind stories about those who come and go.


At 3:18 AM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

Yes, people watching is intriguing. Heather I would love to read more about the European diaries. There is so much food there.


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