Saturday, January 28, 2006

Inspiration both ways

Here is a poem in need of a picture to accompany each verse ...

a challenge, perhaps ;-)



The charging, churning water of the cataract
caresses alike smooth pebbles, soon sand to be.
There is no distinction amongst fractured souls who's
sorrows are swept away, down to a forgiving sea.

The gentle, languid inlet pool by hidden glade
floats bright blossoms and graceful swan for beauty's sake.
This tranquil dark, deep spread may hide much teaming life,
and decay as well, in Divine cycle to partake.

The sparkling, splendid offered sip from a stranger
is fine wine changed back to the water of life.
No gift in any land more profound than open hand
dipped in cooling, escape from fetid heat and strife.

The morning, misted dew drop draws me ever near
to peer within, but view only curved distortion
of a self I would sure deny - thrice perhaps,
for I sense God's presence there, a foolish notion.

In master Moses' song, thoughts quietly distilled
as dew on the petals to only fade away.
Look for the drop of sweat upon the peasant's brow,
or the joyful birth tears that never seem to stay.

On the twisting, tortured path from will bound plain
to dizzying mountain pass in clouds of mystery,
each form of water will be embraced repeatedly,
for we are beyond dust, of water and spirit free.


At 2:03 AM, Blogger Janie Hart said...

A task that I for one will graciously decline!

A wonderful verse. Just wonderful.


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