Friday, August 11, 2006

He found it!

In 1964 my brother and I took a trip to Yosemite National Park. Half Dome you may recognize. The other formation is 'Old Man' -- many miles away and more than 2,000 feet above the valley floor. That is my brother sitting there --

I took this -- just because we could.

Never more!



At 5:50 AM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

This is wonderful!:-)

At 7:31 AM, Blogger Vi Jones said...

Your pictures, faucon, bring many happy memories. I spent so much time in my younger days hiking and backpacking all over Yosemite and the Yosemite back country. I was probably there in 1964, maybe atop of Half Dome and looking across the valley at your brother. :) That was an amazing time of my life. Did you ever go to Waterwheel Falls? That was one of many favorite places.



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