Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Metamorphoses of sorts...

I guess I don't feel much like landscapes, too cold, too harsh and besides that, something else is pushing it's way forward from my subconscious. No time for fairy tales until I've allowed it entrance into this three dimensional world, and somehow tame it to two dimensions. The work is far from finished, I've barely begun, but I do think the heart of it has made contact with me.

artwork by aletta mes

I really hope my energies hold, past the banal housekeeping tasks that will no longer stay on hold. I've dedicate the rest of me, whatever there is of me to this work and to the exclusion of all other projects. I will get the housework under control and make sure the lavender continues to weather the end of this winter, as they have so bravely come this far. The sun is up another hour or so, enough to cover them and add a little compost. Considering the season the balcony is still quite green.

Slowly I think I might be coming to terms with not being as I once was. There is a great reduction in just how much I can accomplish in one day, one week, one month. I am as always lately painfully aware that there is only so much I can likely accomplish, so I set out to nevertheless accomplish ten times that. with any luck St. Jude has a little time left for me.


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