Monday, October 24, 2005

Gnomes and Goosebumps

There was a good lot of squabbling out on my balcony last night. Yet, every time I was out there trying to find the source of disgruntlement I could find no one. I slept fitfully, my subconscious still trying to work out who might be jabbering out there and why.

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Finally at about seven I could take no more. This time they were caught. Three unclothed gnomes with goose-bumps complaining about the night and "when are we getting those clothes we were promised anyway?" I was ten past tired and not willing to get into it right then right there. I would do something about it.

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After grabbing another couple of hours of "lie down" and rest up, i grabbed the three naked gnomes and the one suited up and planted them inside where it was quite warm. Before I could paint them the goose-bumps would have to disappear.

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I am in some part to blame for having ignored the balcony pretty much since the weather got colder. The continued blooming of the flowers, however kept me from thinking about impending winter. It really is quite amazing how much is still in full bloom and it is almost November.

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After taking the dog for a walk I took out my paints. Gwendolyn had been the most vocal about being cold, something to the effect of "I'm freezing my tits off". In keeping with her temperament I dressed her in red. She practically jumped up and down with excitement when I held the mirror up so she could see. "Can I have red flowers in my hair? Pretty please." Well, how could I refuse, and off course shoes to match were next. Red was absolutely right for her. A white furry colour would keep her "tits" from freezing off.

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Missy wanted a blue dress and purple fur trim. I was about to paint a matching set of blue shoes when she screamed at me "Stop, Aletta, mine should be red shoes too, I've always wanted red shoes." I could understand that, I've never met a girl or woman who did not want one pair of sparkling red shoes "just because". We rarely get them as little girls because red does not match enough of our daily wardrobes, it is frivolous and parents favour the sensible brown, navy or even white shoe. So Missy had her red shoes even though she hasn't any red clothes on. Her bright green hat is now trimmed in lilac fur to match the dress coat.

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Paully had waited patiently for the girls to be dressed. He and Petey were enjoying the view of the two ladies dressing up. The girls seemed to appreciate the attention and it certainly wasn't rude so I kept myself to task and did not bring it up. "I like the white, could I keep the white hat?" I did my best to please and gave him what might best be described as a blend of reverse Santa and classic "commedia del arte" clowns. Looking bright eyed and warm he asked, "White shoes please." "No problem Paully."

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"Ready to go back outside now?" All four replied in chorus "yes, please." Gnomes are very polite. I carried the four outside and sprayed them with a warm coat of glossy finish. "now you are rainproof as well." The little sparrows who live on my balcony chirped their admiration for the new duds. Not wanting to leave them behind in my attentions I remarked that their winter feathers were looking beautiful and extra fluffy this year.

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I took another look a little while ago, their little shiny faces looked very happy and not one of them had goose bumps any more. "You won't be making noisy conversation tonight will you?" There was giggling and a resounding "No marm." So now I can contently put up my feet and know that I have not neglected those who depend on me.


At 7:58 AM, Blogger Vi Jones said...

I giggled my way though your post, Aletta ... all the while visualizing gnomes with goosebumps. They are obviously delighted to be dressed up. Great job!


At 8:32 AM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

Nice work.

At 2:31 AM, Blogger Gail Kavanagh said...

I don't know whether they look cuter with clothes or without - great fun, really enjoyed it.

At 4:46 PM, Blogger Lois said...

NOW I know whom I am related to other than humans.... I have the figure ,the rosy cheeks and always as a young girl I wanted to live in a shop with a balcony overlooking the street....Now I know your gnomes are the happiest,they have such a contented look Aletta.
In my Garden I have a metal dog,a glass frog,a plaster snail so now on Friday when I do my market shopping I will buy myself a plaster gnome (They are not too expensive) about $5.As it seems they are the same ones at the plant stall week in week out...they may be lonley so I will give one a home or maybe buy a pair....What do you think a pair would be best.....?Are they happier in couples ?
I shall put them in with the frog,that should keep them from bothering me about the weather
We here are coming into summer as you go into winter.
We have had a dry winter,hardly any frosts and we look like having a very hot summer ,we are indeed in drought.
Lovely story
Lois 27-10-05


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