Sunday, October 02, 2005

Beginning by Plan

A visiting priest was to join our Saturday picnic
quite eclectic discussion group on the theme --
"beginning starts with ending" He said he would
write a special prayer for this 'end of week'
Springtime event.

Definately not a priest from the 'Irish shame' mentality
of my Catholic youth!


O Great Father and Divine Mother

May our ears and eyes be open

to the marvel of the green life
pushing up through the skin of the earth
and struggling free in buds on branches.

This is the season of lovers,
so let our hearts freshly fall in love with you,
Profound Spirit.

May the growing presence of ever-virgin Spring
speak of the perennial possibilities
of new beginnings in our lives.

And so we prepare to conclude a week now grown old,
May this night be alive with springtime hope
for the new week that will begin tomorrow.

We reach out to the web of life
that binds all living beings on this planet,
with the sun, planets and moons of our solar family
and all the glittering colonies of night stars.

Father Sebastian, CP


At 6:04 AM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

Well wouldn't this be a great treat to be reminded of frequently. (Fire and brimstone begone!) This was wonderful. I enjoyed every word. It was green with life.


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