Monday, August 22, 2005

My Song Rehearsal

I hope I haven't worried anyone with my absence of late - there has been an awful lot going on though, and the hermitage has been the perfect place for me to grieve and process and think. I have been spending a lot of time in the bath house, relaxing in the spas and allowing the hot water to wash over me and soothe and comfort me, and also a lot of time walking the countryside around the hermitage. I find that in times of trouble or uncertainty, music is my best friend. A song that speaks my soul is more comforting than whispered reassurances or hugs. Some songs feel like the writer has peered into my very core and written exactly what they have seen there. I find great comfort in music, so I have wandered the small paths singing to the universe, letting the wind take my voice and carry it where it will, letting it take all my cares and concerns and scatter them into distant corners of the earth, hoping that by letting it all go I will find some reason amidst the chaos. The strangest thing though, is that when I do this, the universe seems to hear my song and respond :) So I resume my journey, though slightly behind, and it's only natural for me that I should wish to sing for my performance. I wish to sing a song by an incredibly talented Australian artist called Xavier Rudd, called Green Spandex. I've sung this several times since my aunt left, so I sing it again for her now.

I guess this is the rushed goodbye
That I thought would never come
The woman who lit the light
For a family in the dark
Starring at the mirror
I see your smile through my own
Your spark embedded deep inside
Will give me strength
Will give us hope

And I’ll never lose your touch
No I’ll never lose touch
This will take me a while
Because I miss your smile
I guess I knew your time would come
But for now I miss your smile
It’s gonna take me a while

Thank you for your loyal stance
Green spandex and crazy style
Thank you for the happiness
That you gave to our lives
Although now our hearts are cracked
And our tears are slow to dry
We must count ourselves
The lucky ones
For we were with you in your prime

And I’ll never lose your touch
No I’ll never lose touch
Please stay in touch
Because I need you in my heart
Please stay in touch
No I’ll never lose touch


At 11:18 PM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

Welcome Lisa J - make yourself at home in these regions and explore as you see fit, and stay as long as you long as it takes...Imogen Crest, Hermit.


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