Monday, August 08, 2005

Enchantress Arrives Ahead of The Troupe

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I have made good time and will help our Hermitess prepare for the Travelling Trevere's who are approaching on horses and upon Raven Wings as we speak.

After a quick hot bath, a short nap and a bowl of hearty beef casserole I will set about filling Pandora's Dress Box with extra wigs, masks, costumes, shoes and other accessories just in case, in their haste, rider's forgot something.

Thanks for making us all so welcome Monika. There is great excitement among the troupe.



At 9:36 PM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

That Pandora's box! Once it's opened all sorts of colours come out...Enchantress! They might not believe their eyes at the rainbows and artistic gifts that pour from this box like a cornucopia in these magic halls! The pertinent Gods will be eagerly viewing everything from their usual places, interceded at times, by Kaspar the friendly male ghost. (Ha Ha)

At 7:51 PM, Blogger Lois said...

Well Monika I have at last arrived at the Hermitage ...I could see it in the distance as I travlled on my steed,such a site ,so beautiful...I was wondering Monika if you had noticed that most all churches,cathedrals,are built on hills and mountain tops to get the best view....Perhaps it is to do with being closer to the stars,the moon and the magic ,what do you think.?
Another box of actors props await me I hear from the Enchantress....I am becoming a real pro as the saying goes in acting circles.
Well enough of talking to myself and my stead...I am just going into the stables to tie her up and give her some much needed hay and water,after 3 hours riding we are both in need of sustanence.
Knocking on the large wooden door clearly marked with a large" "H" I think this is for those invited guests who know that they are are welcome,it also might deter those not like minded.
The door was opened by she whom I had heard about,as was said The Hermitess (New word to me).......
Monika was quite beautiful ,serene looking in long robes of pale cream ,her hair tied back with vine leaves.
I could lots of laughter and music as she bid me "Come In" you are one of the last I think."Am I " I said.....I think Simone and Lisa are somewhere behind me on horseback ..."Ask the Enchantress"said Monika.
"If I can catch her" I said.
I followed as Monika led me to the upstairs rooms of the Hermitage,each room with a long narrow window that looked out across the mountain.....Every room about 30 of them were small ,because of the cold I imagine ,but each had a magnificent vista.You could lie in bed and look at the stars at night....
I changed ,dug into my small purple draw-string bag and accessed a warm pair of balloon pants made of flanelette ,so nice and warm ,I then put on a shawl that was on the bed around my shoulders for warmth and headed downstairs to where the laughter was coming from.
Well guess what....The kitchen had a long timber table with benches either side ,enough for 12 each side an enourmous structure....I loved eating in kitchens..I have never had a dining room in my home ..It was always a kitchen lounge and my old home in Port Melbournen had a wood fire stove in the kitchen/come dining room and it was always warm.I used to love the smell of the food close by.
This was my kind of kitchen.
I chatted to most of the travellers,Karen,Anita,Megan Barbara,Leonie ...couldnt see Alex anywhere ,perhaps still on horseback somewhere.Audrey not there either?
I was wondering as I rode along the track to the Hermitage if the Snakes had put a lot of people off..and they just thought
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH .I can understand their feelings I felt the same way....but at my age (Nearly 70) I think I've told you my age before..
I've nothing to lose ,its one big adventure after 65.
I was so famished,I ate two bowls of soup and beef stew and potatoes and 4 slices of home-made sourdough bread (No Butter)
I'll never get on my stead if I put on too much weight.
We all helped with the dishes ,and left the kitchen clean and tidy as well we might
(I hear the Enchantress is a stickler for tidiness)I gave Monika a big hug from all of us for her hospitality and wonderful meal(She probably doesn't get this many women in one room very often)I think she was enjoying the experience.
We all gathered around Monika and the costume box ,we are now going medievil judging by the headgear and bangles and necklaces,all made of stone and clay quite heavy I think....Helmets forged out of some sort of metal from where I wondered ?.I shall be dressing lightly for the performance
I leave you now ,as we wait and chat,the others hopefully not too far behind.
Can't start without them ,that's not cricket as they say....
(Muse of the Sea)

At 8:23 PM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

Welcome Lois - your beautiful words must be seen on the main blogger!!! I love your descriptions of the surroundings and am amazed how accurate they are - please put these thoughts onto the main blogger - it's such a beautiful story of arriving here and your thoughts. Welcome, welcome to you - have you been to the Ancient Bathhouse yet????? Makes waiting much more fun! The Hermitess.

At 10:15 PM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

Lois, my sister once told me the reason for the churches and monasteries being built on high places is exactly as you say. She also told me it was so the special buildings could be the sight that could be seen above all else, from a distance too, to encourage people to look upward. You can make up your own mind about what you feel in your heart....privately I think you've both got it right. I love your descriptions and hope you post it on the blogger....Hermitess.


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