Friday, March 10, 2006

Bonnie was her Name

It was 1988,
I was completing my degree in Gerontology
I chose Bonnie for my thesis of an older person
Bonnie was 78.
Bonnie was totally without sight,
lost when carrying her last child
a Daughter named Sarah....two children to her and Tom,then Sarah then tragedy...

Bonnie was in care where I worked
We became good friends
We both loved the sea
Bonnie born near Castlemaine to parents who owned a pub
but she chose in her adult years to live in St Kilda.
Bonnie managed the sweet shop at the Victory Theatre just around the corner
lollies,ice creams,coffee ,sweet biscuits,Adams cakes
Not a big variety in the 1940's.

Why do I menton her as I see Imogen 's photgraph of the Banksia
I gave a Banksia to Bonnie
I found it at a country market in the hills.
It had been shaped and smoothed
so as to stand like a beautiful statue
Bonnie could feel it,smell its sweetness
It was a talking point to others who visited
as it sat on her bedside table,
next to the wooden statue of a horse who's owner she knew,
Bonnie had a bet on this horse every time it ran in a race
Bonnie loved horse racing,especially having a bet

Her radio was her friend
Like the Seeing Eye dog called Bertha,
she had for 12 years before coming into care
Bertha was Bonnies' 3rd dog over the years
Tom had died and Bonnie managed their Daughter Sara
As her adult children left home Bonnie was
helped by her Father Jack and then when he died
she managed alone for many years

I passed on my thesis to her Family of daughters and her
son.....they never wrote back to me or contacted me
I went to Bonnies funeral.
I went to the town where she was born called Carlsure
An art gallery now replaced the pub her parents owned
I bought a watercolour painting of the town she was born in
It hangs above the mantlepiece
in my extened kitchen
Some call it a dining room
I don't as I have never had a dinner party
When people visit in my home town
everyone comes, including the dogs
and we all share a meal together
No ceremony in the Borough House of the Daleys

The Banksia will always have fond memories for me
I will often think of that time
I spent with a friend
much older than me ,but with spirit intact
a fun woman, a strong woman, an independant spirit
Someone who's memory will always be there
when I see this special cone called Banksia...

Lois (Muse of the Sea) Sat 11th March 2006


At 10:20 PM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

Oh Lois, I am mad on Old Man Banksias today, see more pics I have just taken. The light is gorgeous out there. I loved this story and I know the areas you are talking about. Great story and great remembrances!

At 7:42 AM, Blogger Vi Jones said...

A wonderful story, Lois. Bonnie sounds like she was quite a woman, and one that left you with fond memories.



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