Saturday, August 13, 2005

Michelle Rehersing - Missive to the Queen

The Whim of the Whisp – A missive for the Queen

Oh, Queen of the Amazon Warriors, daughter of Ares and Nymph Harmonia 2, I do not sing and I can not dance, nor do my hands contain the knowledge of any musical instrument. Instead, I bring to you a missive, a gift, from the Whim of the Whisp, the magician gatekeeper between this world and the world the next.

Your destiny plays in the firelight flickers on cave walls. It is painted by a thousand hands. It has been written in the books of the Fates that you shall wage war against the civilized men of Atlantis, that you shall raise temples, and that you shall lead many military campaigns throughout the whole coast, from Caucasus to Thrace. In these endeavors, it is decreed that you shall successful. Eventually though my Queen, it is also fated that you shall complete your role, your destiny, and will leave this world for the next.

Queen of the Amazon Warriors, your gift from the Whim of the Whisp is “heaven has given you one more day…” You shall have the gift of Life. You shall be brought back from the Spirit world, for twenty-four hours. One extra day. What you do in that day, who you see, where you go and why you will do the things you do on that day shall be duly acknowledged and freely given.

You need not respond to this my Queen. You shall have all of eternity to place your request for your return of one additional day.


The Whim of the Whisp


At 5:11 AM, Blogger Heather Blakey said...

A fascinating take Michelle. I love it. Welcome to the Hermitage


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